Monday, January 16, 2012

Dopati Ful(দোপাটি ফুল) - Impatiens balsamina

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আজকের ফুলের নাম দোপাটি ফুল. সাধারণত বাগানে লাগানো হয়. পায়ে চলা রাস্তার পাশে সারিভাবে এই ফুলের গাছ লাগানো হয়. লাল, গোলাপী, বেগুনী, কমলা, সাদা, ইত্যাদি রঙের হয়ে থাকে এই ফুল. এই ফুলের পরিপক্ক ফলকে ছুয়ে দেয়া মাত্রই স্প্রিং এর মতন লাফ দিয়ে ফেটে যায়. ফেটে যাবার সময় কালো ছোট ছোট বীজগুলো ছড়িয়ে পড়ে চারপাশে. এই ফুলের কোনো গন্ধ নাই, শুধু মাত্র বর্ণ দিয়েই মানুষকে মুগ্ধ করে.

Peach colored Dopati Ful(দোপাটি ফুল)

During my childhood the seed of this flower was more interesting to us instead of the flower. The mature seedpod burst like a spring if anyone touches that. That interesting thing was a lovely toy to us. The name of that flower is Dopati Ful(দোপাটি ফুল).

Pink colored Dopati Ful(দোপাটি ফুল)

This is a flower from the plant family Balsaminaceae with a botanical name Impatiens balsamina. This is native to southern Asia, India and Myanmar region. Few common names of the flower are Golden Balsam, Rose Balsam, etc.

Purple colored Dopati Ful(দোপাটি ফুল)

Dopati flower appears in several colors, such as red, purple, violet, pink, white, etc. Flower comes(one or more) from the joint of the stem and the leaf. It requires full sunlight for bright color and more flower blooming. The shape of the flower is like a cup. Flower doesn't have any redolence.

Peach colored Dopati Ful(দোপাটি ফুল)

This annual herbaceous plant grows 45-60cm in height(a bit bushy). Slight transparent stems are thick but soft. Leafs are spirally arranged around the stem. Leafs are having a shape like boat(fat at middle) with minuscule thorn at the border of the leaf.

Dopati Ful(দোপাটি ফুল) with seed pod.

Pollination of the flower is done by the insects, bees, and nectar suckling birds. A ripe soft seedpod use to burst from a touch and the seeds use to spread around. For this reason people call this "touch me not" flower.

Dopati Ful(দোপাটি ফুল) with seed pod.

This is an ornamental flower. Most gardeners used to plant this flower at garden, specially under the full sunlight. I haven't seen this flower at indoor gardens, like pots.

Pink colored Dopati Ful(দোপাটি ফুল)

Photos of this article were taken from Mohera, Tangail(মহেরা, টাঙ্গাইল). I was traveling there during January 2012.

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