Friday, January 6, 2012

Buzzy Lizzy - Impatiens walleriana

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Name of the flower is Impatiens. This is actually the genus name of this ornamental flower. Common name across the world is Busy Lizzy, Balsam, etc. This showy flowering plant belongs to the plant family Balsaminaceae. Scientific/botanical name of the flower is Impatiens walleriana. Native to eastern Africa.

Buzzy Lizzy can grow up to a foot in height. Stems are light green. This plant basically considered as annual plant, but can be perennial. Dark green leafs are glossy and alternately arranged around the stem.

Flowers are very showy and over an inch sized. Hybrid makes this flower to appear in many colors including mixed colored petals. This flower has five petals

This plant requires rich moist soil for growing. Requires proper shading otherwise growth will be hampered. It brings flowers throughout the years more or less. Propagation can be done from the dispersal of the seeds.

Photos of this article were taken from YWCA of Birishiri(বিরিশিরি). It was my tour during December 2011.

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