Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pot Marigold(ক্যালেন্ডুলা ফুল) - Calendula officinalis

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Common Name : Pot Marigold.
Bengali Name : ক্যালেন্ডুলা ফুল
Botanical Name : Calendula officinalis
Family : Asteraceae(Aster family)

আজকের ফুলের নাম ক্যালান্ডুলা ফুল... ইউরোপ মহাদেশের এই ফুল এখন আমাদের দেশের অনেক বাগানেই বা বাড়ির সামনের ফাকা জায়গায় শোভা পায়... বর্ষজীবী এই হলুদ, কমলা ক্যালান্ডুলা ফুলের কিছু ছবি দিয়ে আজকের লেখা লেখলাম...

Common name of the flower is Pot Marigold(aka Calandulas). Botanical name of the flower is Calendula officinalis. It pertains to the plant family Asteraceae(Aster family). Calandulas is native to Southern European zone.

This herbaceous annual plant can grow around a ft in height. Grows well in almost every conditions. Cannot sustain well in winter(frost). Under the proper sunlight it produces lovely bright yellow, orange flower.

Calandula has oblong leafs hairy at both sides. Flowers are like others from the Aster family. Petals of the flower is arranged in two layers. Each of the petals are having toothed at the pinnacle. Flowers are smelly.

This flower is using to add color to food, salads etc. Previously the color was using for dying. Some people used to cultivate this flower for herbal medicine purpose.

Photos of this article were taken from Kolakopa(কলাকোপা), during my tour at December 2011.

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