Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poinsettia Flower - Euphorbia pulcherrima

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This one is taken from Baliati(বালিয়াটি)

This bright red flowering plant is native to Mexico and Central America. Common name of the flower is Poinsettia(after the first US minister of Mexico). This plant is also known as Ataturk flower in Turkey. Botanical name of the ponisettia is Euphorbia pulcherrima. It pertains to the plant family Euphorbiaceae.

This is a shrubby plant and can grow several meters in height. Leafs are a bit larger in size and shaped as dentate. Most attractive part of the plant is the red bracts(I call those sepals). It can be orange, white, pink, etc in color. In our country Bangladesh, this plant is often seen in the gardens and parks. This plant requires darkness(12 hours in a row for 5 days) to create such sepals, and requires sunlight(12 hours in a row) to give the sepals brightness.

Photos of this article were taken from Ranikhong church or Brisiri. It was a tour during December 2011.

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  1. Most people treat the poinsettia (also called Christmas star, Mexican flame leaf, or lobster plant) as an annual, purchasing a new plant at the beginning of the traditional winter flowering period and discarding it at the end.
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