Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Krishna Tulshi(কালো তুলসী) - Ocimum tenuiflorum

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অনেক দিন কোথাও যাওয়া হয় না... এইবার ঈদের পরের দিন গেলাম আমার এক সহকর্মীর বাসায়... সেখানে বাড়ির ছাদে দেখতে পেলাম এই কালো তুলসী গাছ... আমাদের দেশে সাধারণত হিন্দু বাড়ি না হলে এই গাছ খুব একটা দেখা যায় না... অথবা যারা এই গাছের গুনাগুন সম্পর্কে অবহিত আছেন, তারা শখ করে লাগিয়ে থাকেন... তবে সবসময় যেইটা দেখি সেটা সাদা তুলসী গাছ... এই প্রথম দেখতে পেলাম কালো তুলসী, যেটাকে কিনা আবার বলা হয় কৃষ্ণ তুলসী... আজকে এখানে এই ঔসধি গাছ সম্পর্কে কয়েকটি বাক্য লেখার চেষ্টা করছি...

Tulshi(তুলসী) is commonly known as Holy Basil in English. It has other local names like Tulsee, tulosee(some people say tulshi, tuloshi, etc). This herb plant pertains to the plant family Lamiaceae(also Labiatae), a mint family. There are mainly two type of tulshi(তুলসী) plants are available. white and black. No matter what the color is, the botanical name is Ocimum tenuiflorum (previously Ocimum sanctum). This plant is highly revered to the Hindu people and they use this plant for the ritual of their prayers.

The leaf of the black tulshi(কৃষ্ণ তুলসী) is purple in color. This is known as Krishna Tulshi(কৃষ্ণ তুলসী) for it's dark color. In English this is known as Red Holy Basil. Flowers are very small of this shrubby plant and reddish purple in color. Stems and the leafs are hairy. The whole plant has a sharp scent and squeezing the leafs will emit scent even more strongly. You can propagate the plant using the seeds or from cutting of stem/roots. After the rainy season is the best time for plantation. This plant entertains slightly shady place instead of direct light.

This plant mainly raised from our Indian territory and we have found lot of herbal medicines which were produced from this plant. Mixing the juice of the leaf with honey can be used to heal the chronicle coughing. Also it helps to sooth the bronchitis, asthma, influenza, etc. To expel the kidney stone, the leaf juice can be used. The tea from the leaf of this plant are useful against fever and other diseases. After influenced by it's medical uses I am planning to buy a tulshi(তুলসী) plant for my house.

More detail of the plant can be found at wikipedia and

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Photos for this article were taken at November 8, 2011 from Dhaka.

Updated: 25 November 2011. Few closeup shots of the Krishna Tulsi(কালো তুলসী) flower added.

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