Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kanchura Ful(কানচুরা ফুল): Commelina cyanea

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This is an interesting flower and has an attractive color. Basically it's a grass which grows around our paddy fields and sometimes the cool or wet places around. In Bangladesh, this is exacerbating for our farmers but not that much hard to eradicate like other weeds.

The name of this tiniest grass flower is Kanchura in Bengali. Possible common names are scurvy weed, Asian Day flower, etc. Botanical name is Commelina cyanea and having the plant family Commelinaceae. Actually I'm confused about the botanical name, there is another species called Commelina benghalensis which is almost similar to this one, but having the third petal is whitish.

This is the tiniest flower that I have seen so far having blue color from Bangladesh. I used to see this grass at the roadside around paddy fields. You can only notice there is something blue flower exists. It is hard to notice the petals if you don't observe closely. This Kanchura(কানচুরা) blue flower has three petals and possibly six yellow filaments over the different stamens.

Photos for this article were taken from Rajkandi(রাজকান্দি), during my tour at September 2011.

ফুলের জন্য ভালবাসা, আমি বুনো ফুল...

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