Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mignonette Flower(মেহেদী ফুল): Lawsonia inermis

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মেহেদীতে হাত রাঙাতে অনেকেই দেখেছি... অনেক দিন পর্যন্ত জানতামই না এই গাছে ফুলও হয়... সম্ভবত বর্ষায় এই গাছে ফুল হয়... আমার বাসার কাছেই বেশ কয়েকটি মেহেদি গাছ আছে... অনেক দিন তুলি তুলি করে ফটো উঠানো হয়নি... আজকে অফিস যাবার এবং আসার পথে কিছু ছবি তুলে নিলাম...

We had a Mehedi(মেহেদী) tree at our village. Interestingly the height of the plant seemed always same to me every year, kind of fixed. That tree survived over 15 years, even though it faced a tough time during the massive flood of 1988. Today I am going to write a short note about Mehedi(মেহেদী) tree and my childhood one came across my mind.

This plant has several names in English(Henna, Reseda, Mignoette). In our part of the world, it is known as Mehedi(মেহেদী), Mehendi(মেহেন্দি), Mendi(মেন্দি), etc. This plant pertains to the plant family Lythraceae(Loosestrife family). Botanical name of the plant is Lawsonia inermis.

In Bangladesh, possibly this flower blooms during the rainy season with all its glory. Flower and the small round seeds from this plant have a nice redolence. Flowers are pale white in color and having six stamens with yellow filament. Ovary is at the middle with a stigma. Petals are wavy and crepe. Flowers are having as a bunch from the pinnacle of a brunch. During rainy season, using the a cutting, you can easily propagate to a new one.

This is a perennial plant having small glossy leafs that we are using years after year from the antiquity to give an exquisite look to our hairs. The extracts from the leafs are using to strengthen and coloring the hairs. That leaf juice is also responsible for creating an unique color that is using to draw designs over hands(kind of tattooing). Dying beards and coloring the nails are done using that too.

শাড়ি পরা যেকোনো তরুনীর আলতা অথবা মেহেদী রাঙ্গা পা আমার মন কে উদাস করে দেয়... যদিও এখনকার মেয়েদের কে আলতা বা মেহেদী দিয়ে আর পা রাঙাতে খুব একটা দেখা যায় না...

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