Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crown flower(আকন্দ ফুল): Calotropis gigantea

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Common Name : আকন্দ ফুল
Common Name : Crown flower.
Botanical Name : Calotropis gigantea
Family : Apocynaceae(Dogbane family)

ছোট বেলায় বিকালে খেলা শেষ করে যখন দেখতাম কোথাও বেথা পেয়েছি... তখন বাসায় ফেরার সময় সাথে কিছু আকন্দ পাতা নিয়ে যেতাম... এই পাতা দিয়ে হালকা গরম সেক দিলে ভালো উপকার পাওয়া যেত... ঝোপ ঝাড়ের মাঝে বা ময়লা পরিত্যাক্ত জায়গায় অনাদরেই বেড়ে উঠে এই গাছ... উপকারী এই গাছের ফুলটিও দেখতে কিন্তু কম সুন্দর না...

'Akunda'(আকন্দ) is a perennial plant widely known as Crown Flower. It has five pointed petals which are forming like a star. At the middle of the flower, you'll find a crown like yellow/golden portion which is holding the stamens. Possibly this is the reason to call this as a Crown Flower. Flowers last for a longer period of time compare to other flowers. Flowers have a banal fragrance with confusing attraction.

This medicine plant belongs to family Apocynaceae(dogbane family). Botanical name of the flower is Calotropis gigantea. This plant is indigenous to Asian region. English people know this plant as Crown Flower. In Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশ), this is known as Akondo, Akunda(আকন্দ).

This is a perennial plant having medium sized leafs which are parabolic in shape. Flowers are light pink to lavender in color. Plant produces milky sap when torn or gets a cut. The whole plant has powder like things(not vicious) which comes at hand when touched. Some portion of the plant is poisonous, so careful. Plant can propagate easily by dispersing it's seeds.

Photos of this article were taken somewhere from Sonargaon(সোনারগাঁও), during my tour at August 2011.

ফুলের জন্য ভালবাসা, আমি বুনো ফুল...

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