Sunday, August 14, 2011

Castor Bean Flower(সাদা ভেরেন্ডা ফুল): Ricinus communis

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আগেরবার লাল ভেরেন্ডা নিয়ে কিছু লিখেছিলাম... আজকে সাদা ভেরেন্ডা নিয়ে কিছু লিখব... একসময় এই গাছের বীজ থেকে যে তেল পাওয়া যেত তা জালানী হিসাবে কাজে লাগানো হতো... লাল ভেরেন্ডার মতন এই গাছের ফুল দেখতে অতটা সুন্দর না... তার পরও আমার ব্লগে দিয়ে দিলাম...

Verenda(ভেরেন্ডা) plant pertains to the family Euphorbiaceae(known as spurge family). Botanical name of the plant is Ricinus communis. In Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশ), this is known as Verenda(ভেরেন্ডা). Worldwide this is known as Castor Bean(though its not a true bean), hand of Christ, Castor oil plant, etc.

This is an annual plant and can not survive in winter(though winter of Bangladesh is not that much vulnerable for the plant). This plant is native to Asia and later dispersed to tropical region somehow. Leafs of this plant are star shaped and a bit larger in size.

Flowers are inflorescence having yellow in color(male and female are separate). It looked to me the exactly same to onion flower(lots of stamens). Veranda seeds are having plenty of thorns like of stuffs around the surface. Once again this plant is poisonous when ingested, so careful. Also the sap from the plant can cause irritation to skin.

Photos for this article were taken at somewhere from Sonargaon(সোনারগাঁও), during my tour at August 2011.

ফুলের জন্য ভালবাসা, আমি বুনো ফুল...

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