Sunday, July 3, 2011

Schizomussaenda - Mussaenda frondosa

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Well, the flower I'm going to present today is almost similar to Mussaenda(মজেন্ডা) flower. But surprisingly it's not. This flower is known as Schizomussaenda, and endemic to the Rain Forest of China and Eastern Asia. Only way to distinguish this flower with Mussaenda by it's growth habit and the fruits.

Schizomussaenda is an evergreen plant and uses to produce very few white leafs around the flower, possibly 4/5 white leafs. It's tubular flower is colored with orange and looks like star from the top.

This plant uses to produce fruit. Fruits are oval/round shaped and has a crown like calyx lobes at the rear. So once again don't confused this flower with Mussaenda. Scientific/Botanical name of the flower is Mussaenda Frondosa.

Bangladesh has a very little amount of rain forest, and during my travel to Rajkandi(রাজকান্দি) Reserve Forest of Moulvibazar, I have found this flower at there. This is vastly available at that portion of my country, Bangladesh.

Note: I'm not a botanist, so I may be wrong about the identification.

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