Saturday, July 23, 2011

Toy Chilli - Wedelia chinensis

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Bengali Name : Marhatitiga (মারহাতিতিগা).
Common Name : Toy Chilli.
Botanical Name : Spilanthes paniculata
Synonym : Acmella paniculata, Spilanthes acmella.
Family : Asteraceae (sunflower family)

Marhatitiga (মারহাতিতিগা) is an annual herb and grows at wet or moisture lands. It's common name is Toy Chilli. In Bangladesh, this is known as Marhatitiga (মারহাতিতিগা) and I am not sure about the correct pronunciation that I have written in Bengali. Scientific name of this plant is Spilanthes paniculata. This herb belongs to the plant family Compositae an alias of Asteraceae(Sunflower family).

This plant can grow somewhere between 15-25cm in height. Flowers are too small similar to it's plant and hardly having any fragrance. Color of the flower is bright yellow. Like any other flowers from this family, it produces ton of seeds from a single flower. Plant disperses using the seeds or from root, or even from a stem having tiny amount of roots. This plant used to be considered as an weed, but not that much invasive (possible to control).

This neglected plant has a lot of herbal medical uses and people are using those since long past. This plant is widely available everywhere in Bangladesh(বাংলাদেশ). I have taken the photos from Rangamati(রাঙামাটি), during my tour at July 2011.

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