Places of Interest, district Comilla

Comilla(কুমিল্লা) is the another larger district from Bangladesh. This is located almost at the middle portion of the country. It is must to pass every single vehicle through this district if the route is between Dhaka and any district of eastern portion from Bangladesh.

This district has several Archaeological spots including Moynamoti(ময়নামতি). Megna(মেঘনা) and Gomti(গোমতি) are the two main rivers for this district. Comilla is famous for Rosh Malai(রস মালাই). There are lots of outlet available around Bangladesh those sell Rosh malai(রস মালাই). But best one is available only from Comilla. So you can buy this after your traveling.

Places to visit:

Most of the tourist spots are archaeological sites. A christian cemetery of world war II is available here. I have visited several places from Comilla(কুমিল্লা), you can try those

Where to stay:

Comilla(কুমিল্লা) is near to Dhaka city. One can go there and come back within the day. Doesn't require to stay there during night. I haven't made any night time stay at Comilla, and I can't suggest you any hotels from there. If you still need some residence from Comilla(কুমিল্লা), you can look for it around the main town.

How to reach:

There are several bus services available from Saydabad(সায়দাবাদ) Bus Stand. Trisha(ত্রিশা) and the Asia Line are the best available service for Comilla. It will cost around 120-150 Taka per head, and yes you can bargain. Also you can take any luxury bus of Chittagong, and get dropped at Comilla. A Train service is available from Dhaka too. I don't know much about that train.