Places of Interest, district Bandarban

For a traveler, Bandarban(বান্দরবান) is the most lucrative destination from Bangladesh. Possibly it will end years after year, and still you'll have most of it's parts are hidden from you. Bandarban has the highest peak from Bangladesh. It has the most number of waterfalls too, more than half of the total waterfalls exists in Bandarban(বান্দরবান). This is a place from where you can reach to the clouds more closely.

You can do trekking around the remote villages and mountains of Bandarban, or you can visit the few selected tourist spots from around. Both are equally exciting. After your traveling you can buy some local goods from the market around the town for a token of your tour.

Popular locations for visit:

Here are the tourist attractions from the Bandarban(বান্দরবান) district as I have visited There are thousands of place at Bandarban, so it is not possible to cover by me. You can try.

Where to Stay

There are several hotels available at Bandarban. Not that much high in quality, but handy. Not sure whether there is any Porjoton(পর্যটন) Motel available or not. Few local hotels are Royal, Shoilo, etc at main town. Prices are from 200-800 depending upon luxury.

For trekkers, you can stay at the tribal villages by paying per head 40-100 taka per day. You have to use your own foods or can buy foods from them with extra money. You have to pay 400 taka per day for a guide around Ruma Bazar.

If you are planning to visit Nilgiri(নীলগিরি), you have to make the booking 2-4 months before your arrivals. There is a very small accommodation facility considering the number of tourists.

People used to live at Boga Lake(বগা লেক) too. It's possibly the most attractive tourist spot from Bandarban as it is just before the Keokaradong(কেওকারাডং) Peak.

Winter is the peak season for the tourists at Bandarban. So make your booking before the arrival. Also, during the holidays around weekend makes the place is more crowded, so prepare for that too. Otherwise you may find yourself without any accommodation. For example during Eid vacation of 2010.

How to Reach:

There are several bus services available from Dhaka to Bandarban. Shamoly, Dolphin, Unique, S. Alam are few popular services. It will be around 300-400 taka for Non-AC bus service. No AC bus is available for this route. It will take 8-10 hours to reach Bandarban. Most of the bus starts at night for Bandarban. Komlapur, Saydabad, Fokirapul are the available start point for these buses.