Monday, June 6, 2011

পুকুর পারার পুকুরে: Happy Ending(Day-5)

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This is the continuation from Day-4 trekking...

Sunday, 01 May 2011

Marma Para beneath Boga Lake

The morning view of Boga Lake(বগা লেক) is always awesome. It was another morning at Boga Lake. Bunch of travelers were brushing their teeth beside the lake. Another bunch were posing for photos at other place. People were wandering around the lake area. Quite a nice view. But we were only six available from our group.

By any means we have to reach at Ruma Bazar(রুমা বাজার) before 1:00, cause the last bus used to leave from Ruma Ghat(রুমা ঘাট) at 3:30. So missing that bus means counting extra money for private vehicles. We were already running out of bucks and ATM service was not available around that portion.

After finishing our breakfast at 8:15, said "Good Bye" to Boga Lake(বগা লেক) until the next time. Two things I always like from Boga Lake. One was standing beside the lake and watching the mystery of colors over the lakes. Another one was standing at the other side of the lake, and watch the Marma Para(মারমা পারা) village. I don't know why, but that sight used to enthrall me always.

Everyone of us were moving faster. Even I was faster than my other mates. Only Tushar(তুষার) and I have to do office at Monday. Mithu(মিঠু) just finished his final exam, and Hassan(হাসান) has his own business. So they knew we will make the trekking fastest as possible by our responsibility :-)

At Patang Jhiri(পতঙ ঝিরি), we have arranged a break for 20-30 minutes. I have taken a bath at the Waterfall. It was early morning, and the water was too cold. Another thing, I don't know why, but I am always feel scary about the Patang Jhiri(পতঙ ঝিরি) Waterfall. Probably its the basin beneath the fall having no fathom and the water looks a bit darker due to the shades from the stones.

After the break, we started another continuum strolling over and beside the Jhiri Path(ঝিরি পথ). Plenty of small bushes grew over the Canal. I can bet, during the advent rainy season all of those will be plucked by the water forcefully to trash at Shangu river. The water having lots of green marsh under it, and hard for a trekker to collect water for drinking.

Our second break was at Boga Mukh Para(বগা মুখ পারা). There were few shops at that village and local people along with the travelers used to take rest at there. During our last trekking we have stayed at there at night. We have used the Bela biscuit for the refreshment. We have found a tribal guy who was in the escort team of that Tripura(ত্রিপুরা) family. He was hired to help them till Ruma(রুমা), and was returning Pukur Para(পুকুর পারা) after finishing his task. We have invited him to join with us for snakes.

After another 40 minutes of walking, our third break was at a shop beside the Ruma Khal(রুমা খাল). We have used another 20 minutes there. This shop has boiled egg, and I have enjoyed that one really. I almost forgot that there is something that used to call boiled egg. I love that one :-)

After the break I was worried about climbing the Lai Rumpi(লাই রুম্পি) hill. Last time it seemed hard for me. So I wasn't that much confidence about this tough one. After reaching beneath the hill, most of us were waiting under that one. But I didn't wait there and started climbing straight and somehow reached at the top of the hill. Wasn't that much hard interestingly. May be because of the last day's hard trekking experience! It was 12:15 when all of us were gathered at Lai Rumpi(লাই রুম্পি) peak.

We have taken a rest at Johny's house, who was with us during last trek as a helping hand. Finished our lunch from Ruma Bazar(রুমা বাজার) hotel. Actually we were moving lazily as we had time at our hand. After lunch we were only four to leave Ruma Bazar. Rest of the two will stay at Boga Lake for another few months to enjoy the beauty of rainy season!

We have hired a boat to reach at Ruma Ghat(রুমা ঘাট). We could have walk beside the river instead of walking. But didn't opt with that. Just want to relax inside the shade of the boat, also it was another hottest day from Bandarban. Umm... I think I was sleeping inside the boat. Didn't feel any urge to enjoy the beauties around the river bank.

When we have reach at the bus stand, it was 3:00 and only few seats from the bus were available. So we have picked four from those. And interestingly after us, there was no one left to buy another ticket. Possibly no one else was going to Bandarban town after us. Also, we have found a guy from Pukur Para village inside the bus. He was returning back to Roangchhori.

Bus started at 3:45 and it was really hot inside the bus. Also the sun was hitting straight at my side, and didn't find any way to block the ray of the sun. I have used my gamchha(গামছা) to cover my head so that I can sleep at least inside that jerking coaster. The seat beside me was empty, and I was sitting relaxingly. That helped me to sleep well despite of the jerking.

When I waked up after 5:00 the situation just changed. It was cool weather around, and the mountains at the far looked magnificent. For the first time during the bus ride I have started enjoying. Time was passing very fast as I was loving the ambient around us. We have reached at the town after 6:00 and missed the sunset from bus. It was hard to see sunset from Bandarban town.

Jhir Poth from Lai Rumpi Hill

After refreshing at bus counter and dropping our packs at there, we have started exploring the town by rickshaw. Few of us did shopping at local market. I didn't have extra bucks to buy something from there. I was just giving them company and was pushing them to complete the shopping quickly.

After dinner, our bus left the town at 9:45 for Dhaka. Happy ending...!

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