Dhaka: Musa Khan Mosque(মুসা খাঁ মসজিদ)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Musa Khan Mosque(মুসা খাঁ মসজিদ) is yet another edifice inside the Dhaka University premise that was built during the Mughal(মুঘল) era. Location of the antique mosque is at south of Doyel Chattar(দোয়েল চত্তর), beside the Karzon(কার্জন) Hall, opposite of the Dhaka University swimming complex. Exact Google map coordinate is (23°43'36.33"N, 90°24'2.92"E). You can find another mosque(Shahbaz Khan Mosque) near that place contemporary to this one.

Probably this mosque was built by Musa Khan(মুসা খাঁ), son of Isha Khan(ইশা খাঁ) who was a prominent Zamidar(জমিদার) from Baro Bhuiyan(বারো ভুইয়া). It was quite unsure about the original time when it was built. Musa Khan died during 1623, but the structure of the mosque is almost similar to the Khwaja Shahbaz's Mosque and it was built during 1679. So neither the date nor the builder of the mosque is confirmed. Some people believe this one was built by either Shaista Khan(শায়েস্তা খাঁ) or even later by Dewan Manawar Khan(দেওয়ান মনোয়ার খাঁ).

The mosque has a vault platform, and over this plinth the main architecture of the mosque is planted. It is a small building just like any other mosques during that period. It has three domes over the top. Middle one is the larger than other twos. Both the inside and outside of the mosque is plastered with cement and washed white with lime. There is a grave of Musa Khan is available at the northeast side. Detail of this mosque is available at BanglaPedia.

The mosque has gone through several renovations. Also from the first sight it seemed to me, it is currently not under proper care. The authority just placed a signboard beside the mosque and thought their works are done. It is not a good practice to color this building with yellow this year, and next year white(I have seen this mosque in several colors over the last few years), and finally let the color be disappeared. We are not in a position to do experiment on such a precious object.

If you want to visit this place, it will take hardly 10-15 minutes. And bonus will be the great Karzon Hall around. So you can make a schedule to visit this asset from our proud land, Bangladesh.