Dhaka: Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosjid(খান মোহাম্মদ মৃধা মসজিদ) is another archaic mosque from our Dhaka city. Unlike other mosques, this one has plenty of spaces around it, and not consumed by the proximity buildings.

The mosque was built over a very high vault like platform. Using the stair anyone can go to the upper store and able to have the beauty of the antiquity. From the inscription of the central doorway of the mosque we came to know the mosque was built during 1704–05 AD by someone Khan Muhammad Mridha(খান মোহাম্মদ মৃধা), and it was named after him.

The mosque has three domes at the top of it and has four pillars at the four corners with traditional ornate. During my visiting of the mosque, I found the door of entrance was locked. It supposed to be open only before the prayer time.

At the eastern side of the mosque, there is a tomb exists, but no epigraph over the tomb, so it is hard to find anything further about this. Also the there is a garden available at eastern side having various kind of seasonal flowers.

There are plenty of spaces around the mosque. It will allow you to observe the mosque without any obstacle unlike any other mosques from Dhaka City. Having roads at west and north of the mosque kept it detached from other buildings.

The location of the mosque is at several hundreds meter west of Lalbag Fort's(লালবাগ কেল্লা) gate. One can easily go by walking straight from the gate. The Google Map coordinate is ( 23°43'15.13"N, 90°23'2.71"E).

Detail about this mosque is available at WikiPedia


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