Dhaka: Hoseni Dalan(হোসেনী দালান)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hoseni Dalan(some people pronounce as Hosaini Dalan(হোসেনী দালান)) is another edifice from Dhaka. This is located beside the Nazim Uddin(নাজিমুদ্দিন) Road of Old Dhaka. It is believed as a Shia Shrine, and was built during 17th century. There is a pond in front of the building, and I found all the doors were locked to reach near the pond.

It was built by Sayyid Murad(সৈয়দ মুরাদ) during the governorship of Shah Shuja(শাহ সুজা) to commemorate the martyrdom of Al-Hussain(আল-হোসাইন), the grandson of our holly prophet Muhammad. Shah Shuja was a Sunni Muslim, but he had a predilection for Shia and patronized several such institutions.

This building has gone through several renovation and none of it's antiquity left for the visitors. People only used to visit this place for it's historical value. During the British period it was repaired heavily at 1807 and 1810. Also during the massive earthquake of 1897 caused a severe damage over this edifice. Now a days it just looks like a modern day's building covering with rich tiles with heavy ornate.

During the first 10 days of Muharram(মহরম), Shia people used to gather at this place to mourn for Al-Hussain. Though its a festival of Shia people, but local Sunni people used to join with them and bemoan with them. This ends at the day of Ashura(আশুরা). More about this building and festival is available at WikiPedia.

It's easy to locate this place. Just few minutes of walking distance from Doyel Chattar(দোয়েল চত্তর) of Dhaka University. Any rickshaw from that circle will lead you towards it. Exact Google map coordinate for the location is (23°43'20.52"N, 90°23'52.60"E).