Places of Interest, district Cox'sbazar

Cox's Bazar has the longest sea beach from the world. Also currently it is enlisted to be voted by the people around world to pick the list of seven natural wonders. This district is the main attraction from our internal tourists. It because the transportation along with the availability of hotels around there. I believe, this district has the largest accommodation facility from the country.

Mainly people used to visit there for the sea beach. But alongside the beaches, you may find the other tourist spots are interesting for you. For example the "Mohesh Khali Island", "Ramu", etc.

Popular locations for visit:

Here are the tourist attractions from the cox's bazar district as I have visited'sbazar. I have missed several places like "Shonadia Island". So at my next tour, I'll try to cover those locations.

Where to Stay:

Numerous number of hotels are all around. But before your journey at peak season, don't miss to book your hotel. Otherwise you'll have to pay twice/thrice for that mistake. During peak season, hotels used to be booked by the tourists even before 2/3 weeks of the travel. So be careful. At off season, the hotels rate are reduced to 40% to 75% to the original fee. So you can pick this chance during 01st May to 31s August of any year to reduce the cost, and skip the chaos of people.

I have stayed at different class's of hotels from the town starting from "Seagull" to "Dream Castle". But from all of those, I liked the hotel Media for the cheapness, and also it is near to the beach. So calculating on the situation and ambient, I found this hotel is suitable for me. You can use the below information to contact them

Cell: 01819-519719
Phone: 0341-62881 to 5
Hotel Motel Zone, Sea Beach Road, Cox's Bazar

How to reach:

You can use only a Bus or Plane for the traveling. I'll suggest you to use the bus. There are plenty of buses around for this district. You can pick any of those safely. "Shohag" and "Greenline" are the best quality bus services along with "Hanif", "Shayamoly", "Unique" non AC bus services. Depending upon the situation(traffic jam, rain, etc), it may take minimum 9 hours to maximum 15 hours to reach the destination.