Saturday, May 21, 2011

Places of Interest, district Chittagong

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Once upon a time Chittagong was the largest division from Bangladesh. Not sure what is the status right now. Just like the division, the district Chittagong is still one of the largest district from Bangladesh. As it is situated beside the Bay of Bengal, and comprises of mountains, it is one of the prominent target for the travelers. Using a minimum single day, you can easily make your tour for Chittagong.

People from Chittagong are very fond of spices, so you can taste few from there during your staying. Another interesting thing is their language. That is a bit hard to understand. But if you try, you can grasp that, nothing is invincible.

Popular locations for visit:

There are several locations available from Chittagong district. I didn't able to visit most of all. Here are the list of visiting places covered by me As I love waterfall, I'll suggest you to visit the Sitakunda waterfalls if possible.

Where to Stay:

Since Chittagong is a divisional district, and also the port city of Bangladesh, it has several quality hotels around the town. According to your financial strength, you can pick your one. Most of the high quality hotels are around the GEC of the town. Those hotels will be a bit costly for you. For example a double shared room will be around 2500-5000.

If you want a much cheaper hotel from the around, I'll suggest you the "Hotel Golden Inn"(425 taka for single bed room, 1100 for triple bed room). This is located near at Old Railway Station. 8-10 taka bus distance, Or 25-40 taka CNG distance from the main town. The room costs are pretty lower here. Only problem is, the water supply, it has iron, and the color is a bit yellowish. But that wasn't any problem for me. I liked the hotel for the cheapness.

Cell: 01711-819025
Phone: 031-611004 to 8
336, Station Road, Chittagong

If you are moving from Dhaka, you can book room from Dhaka Booking Office. Address is,
Neptune Motors Ltd.
167/4 Motijheel Circular Road, Hotel Eden Building.
(Opposite of Notordame College)

How to reach:

There are several ways to travel to Chittagong. You can pick, bus, plane, or using a train. Shohag, Greenline are the most luxurious bus services available around. Suborna, Turna, Nishita are the available train services for your travel. Pick your one accordingly, and have a safe journey.

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