Celebrating Pohela Boishakh (1418) in Dhaka

Thursday, 14th April 2011

Once again like previous years, I have celebrated my "Pohela Boishakh" according to my plan. This year, I had a different intention, and a specific schedule accordingly. My main target is to cover the most of the 'Baul' and cultural concerts as much as possible(which will happen from second day). Before that, time to enjoy activities of the people, and learning from them.

My day started after 1:00. I couldn't manage myself to wake up before that time. First target was to observe the "Nouka Baich" from Dhanmondi lake. So after a hasty breakfast, reached at the Dhanmondi lake before 3:15. I had to walk all the way from my home to Dhanmondi, private vehicles were in a dearth today. Also, it wasn't pleasant to walk on such a hot day.

Chorka At Dhanmondi Mela

"Nouka Baich" didn't start by the time. Also, it wasn't that much interesting as I expected(found when finished). So after the boat race, I was wandering at the lake area. When I came to near the Dhanmondi Club field, I have discovered a "Boishakhi Mela" was going on there. No entry fees required, so entered there.

Main attraction of that Mela was a 'live concert'. It occupied a large portion of the Mela area. Still not much crowd here. Several reasons, right now people are at Ramna/TSC. Also after visiting Romna area, people get exhausted, and think resting at home is better choice. Another reason is, the day became really tough right now(but it was excellent earlier).

Throwing Balls Into Basket, Dhanmondi Mela

From the mela, I have reached the "Poribag Mor", and climbed the foot-over bridge. From there I had a nice view to watch the colorful people from my country. The roads are packed with exuberant people. I have seen few unlucky cars on the road too. Those are really bullheaded people I guess.

After passing some time at over bridge, I was heading towards the "Shahbag Mor" through the Sheraton Hotel area. As I was heading that direction, the chaos of people was increasing amazingly. Everyone caring a flute, or a mini drum, or anything that will make cacophony noise. No one shouting or warning them to stop their irritating sound. I believe everyone was enjoying the moment.

Once again, climbed another over bridge, and this time, the bridge at "Shahbag Mor". I used to see the cars on the road from the bridge on a regular day. But today, I can only see a river which is flowing the colorful human beings. Still, it will be hard to cross the road today despite of having no cars. It has a heavy traffic of humans today.

Shahbag Mor Area

At this point, people were heading towards the TSC area, so did I. Sun will be going down within half an hour. So I was moving faster, but unfortunately, this was making me slow. I had nothing to do but let me float with those buoyant ebullient people. I have found a group of people dressed themselves as "Bauls" and were dancing and singing on the road.

At TSC, it is now hard to find an inch of space empty. So each and everyone is pulling and pushing others to stand still, regardless the gender. I was forced to move by the movement of the people. Throwing the water bottle at the air and other stuffs were enjoyable. But not for all I guess.

TSC, Dhaka University

Evening started. At afternoon, here James(the Nogor Baul) did show his talent. Right now another hero from Bangladesh, the legend Aiyub Bachchu is performing, but his stage was too far from my position. Only I could hear the voice. People were dancing with his music. I think after wasting 15 minutes I was able to reach the nearest possible position from the stage.

The stage is placed between the Bangla Academy and the TSC. So if you want to go to Bangla Academy from my position, you can not go. You have to move through the Shohrawardi Uddan. But unfortunately the gates from every side of the park was locked. Right now, no one is allowed to enter, but people can exit from inside. Bullshit decision from my perspective.

So, only way to get inside is to climb the fence. These days, I am getting older, and it was hard for me to climb such a fence having no foot grip on wall and due to my back pain. Also, people were crossing by taking help from their friends. I am the "Lonely Traveler", so who will help me? But somehow I have managed to climb that wall, and when I was inside, I found I have torn my pant near the knee by the sharp edge of a rod from the wall. awww...

There were several programs were going on inside the park. Also too many stalls for people to entertain their tummy. Halted around the "Lalon Ashor" and enjoyed few songs from there. As expected, the crowd was much lesser around there. Most of the people want rock and vibe, which was hard to find here.

Now time to enter the "Bangla Academy Mela" area. It was arranged by the "BISIC", and will continue another 10 days(Later I have attended all the days of that Mela). Once again, another crowded area. Cultural program was going on there too, but it wasn't that much interesting to the visitors and me. The stalls were excellent, and you can pass lots of time there. Also the "Putul Nach"(puppet dance) was another attraction from the Mela too.

So after wandering at the Mela area, it's now time to get back home, and take some rest. I didn't able to sit for a single second today. Only walked and walked. So walking through "Doyel Chattar", "Shegun Bagicha", "Shanti Nogor", I have reached at my home, "Mouchak". The circle was just made, and it was 9:30 of night.

If you have energy, you can do something like at next year by yourself. Hope for the best :-)


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