Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boishakhi Baul Utsav-1418

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Saturday, 16th April 2011

This 'pohela boishakh' brought lots of cultural program at Dhaka city. "Boishakhi Baul Utshab" is one of those. This was arranged by "Chowdhury Group" and everyone were invited there to enjoy the show at evening. It was a three days of program, started at the first day of our Bengali Calendar.

According to them, they used to arranged this program for 7 days every year. But this year due to some unavoidable bindings, they couldn't continue the program for more than three days. There were invited Bauls for every day's routine, and their talent show started at evening, and ends until all are done.

I was there during the last day of the program. A baul from Narayanganj(forgot name) did a very long performance with a single song. That song depicted the whole Narayanganj. Unfortunately I didn't able to record that song. After him, there were few low quality singers performed at stage(time wasters).

After waiting few irritating performances, Baul Alam Sarkar appeared in front of the audiences. He performed three songs, and all were very high in quality. During his last song, a wind just started pulling everything on the air. Few thunder bolts spanked over the sky too. People were started to leave the chairs. But I was waiting, hoping for nothing to happen.

But unfortunately the rain just smashed everything. The authority was forced to cancel the program due to the devastation of rain and wind over the stage. But before rain, the performance from Baul Alam Sarkar will keep remain in my heart for many years.

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