Friday, May 27, 2011

Blue Waterlily(নীল শাপলা) - Nymphaea capensis

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Bengali Name : নীল কমল, কুমুদিনী, নীল শাপলা.
Common Name : Blue Waterlily.
Botanical Name : Nymphaea capensis
Family : Nymphaeaceae

Blue Waterlily(নীল শাপলা) at Pukurpara(পুকুর পারা) Lake, Bandarban

Probably, waterlily (Nymphaeaceae) is the most beautiful flower that grows at water. In my country, Bangladesh, there are several color of waterlilies(Shapla, শাপলা) are available. I have seen, White, Pink, and Blue. Waterlily represents as the national flower of Bangladesh. But only the white one, not the other colors.

Blue Waterlily(নীল শাপলা) at Madhabpur(মাধবপুর) Lake, Sylhet

Around the country, pink waterlily is quite common, starting from village ponds to shallow water of paddy fields. Also the size of this colored flower are a bit larger compare to others. After pink, the white one is available around the most. But its hard to find the blue waterlily from my country. Even you'll find people who have never seen such waterlily in a lifetime.

Blue Waterlily(নীল শাপলা) at Boga Lake, Bandarban

Initially I thought, blue waterlily is only available at the Lake of Madhabpur, Sylhet. But later I found this species at Bandarban(Pukur Para Lake, Boga Lake). So I started to believe this one will be found at few more other places from my beautiful motherland. The plant is almost similar to the white waterlily, glossy leaf. If there is no flower, you'll be in a difficulty to identify this waterlily plant. Except the rarity and the beauty, I didn't see any difference with Blue Waterlily with other species of Waterlily. In our country, this is also known as Neel Komol(নীল কমল), Kumudini(কুমুদিনী), etc.


  1. This flower has certainly deserves it's title as a Bangladeshi National symbol along with the Bengal Tiger. I am amazed that these lilies sprout in so many different colours.

    call Bangladesh

  2. আমার নিল পদ্ম লাগবে...! কিভাবে পাবো...?