Bandarban: River Shangu At Dry Season

Wednesday, 27th April 2011

Fishing is going on

Well, once again, another tour at Bandarban, and another visit with the main river from the district, river Shangu. I have visited this river at different seasons. This time dry season, but the dryness of Summer. Almost no water at the river right now. So no domination of engine boats too. By the way, people are reluctant to use the boats, they are interested to walk beside the river instead.

The dread chest of the river Shangu

This time I was lucky to have a rain at the river. It wasn't a heavy rain, just few drops from the sky. I like these kind of atmospheres mostly. I have seen several fishermen were throwing their net over the river to catch fish. Now a days, the river doesn't produce that much of fishes. But people don't let themselves away to give a shot. Something is better than nothing is their motto.

Since the water level is low right now, plenty of tobacco cultivation is going on around the bank of the river. Even sometime at the high land beside the river(not a bank). I have compiled a video comprised with multiple scenes around the river. The background song was done by one of our fellow trekker, Tushar. Hopefully you'll enjoy that.