Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day Before Pohela Boishakh at Kodomtola Utsav

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Wednesday, 13th April 2011

The last month of the Bengali Calendar is Chaitra, and the last day of that month is called "Chaitra Sonkranti". Usually it is 13th April according to Bangladeshi government(Its different than West Bengal). Outside Dhaka, there are lots of Mela, and Festivals used to arrange by the exulting Bengalies.

Dhaka is highly congested, and it is hard to arrange any fair(mela) here. So we people are happy by watching the stage programs and concerts instead. Unfortunately, at "Chaitra Sangkranti" there are hardly any programs around Dhaka. "Kodomtoli Kali Bari" is a bit different on this occasion. They have been arranging a program for two days(last day and first day of Bengali calendar, year 1418).

This place is located at "East Bashabo" of Dhaka. Local people knows this places as "Kodomtoli Kali Bari"(though the academic name is Rajarbag Kali Bari). If you want to go this place, first come at "Bashabo Buddha Bihar", which is a landmark of that area. From there, you can take any rickshaw to come at this place. For your information, the rickshaw roads are not that much smooth.

I have a strict schedule for the second day(Pohela Boishakh), so I only enjoyed the first day's program. It was started at afternoon, and ended after 10 at night. Few satellite channels did broadcast this program live from there. Initially there were very few people, but at evening it was jam packed.

I really appreciate the authority to concocting the program by various type of songs, so everyone of us was satisfied. I liked the Bhatiali, Bhawaiya songs along with few Lalon songs. The only boring part from this program was, the awe full lighting. I don't know how other people reacted with that. When the light focused over my eyes, I just got blind for a few seconds.

Another thing, there are many people like me, who want to hear these songs directly from Bauls. But here you will not get this creamy flavor. Most of the singers are well dressed and makeup-ed. But still, this vicarious performance will amuse you either. I have added two videos with this posting, one is Bhawaiya, and another one is from our "Mohua Pala".

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