Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chalta Flower and Fruit

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Saturday, 03rd July 2010

"Chalta" is a sour fruit from Bangladesh. This fruit actually itself a seed. The flower of "Chalta" used to bloom during the rainy season. The white petal of the flower has a yellow small flower at the middle. It will appear to you that there is two flower with two different colors. There are lots of flower used to bloom during rainy season at Bangladesh. Chalta flower is one of those, and very attractive. It looks more gorgeous when the flower is wet by the drops of rain.

The scientific name of the fruit is "Dillenia Indica". The Chalta Fruit can use as curry, jelly. Also the "Achar" made from Chalta fruit is really mouth watering. You can know more about the fruit and flower from


  1. Thank you. I came across it in Amitav Ghosh's SEA OF POPPIES and wanted to know what it was.

  2. Thank you. My mom was telling me about this and how she used to eat this growing up in Assam. Living in the west, I never experienced all these exotic fruits.