Moulovivazar: Porikunda Waterfall during rainy Season

Saturday, 24th July 2010

During my "Waterfall expedition" from Bangladesh throughout the rainy season, I was at Madhabkunda of Moulovibazar. Most of the people from my country used to visit the waterfalls during the dry season, and they found these are not that much interesting places for visiting.

Today I'm talking about the "Porikunda Waterfall". I'm pretty sure that you didn't heard the name. Also, you might be the one who already have visited the Madhabkunda waterfalls, but still you don't know there is another waterfall inside the "Madhabkunda Echo Park".

Porikunda falls is just before the Madhabkunda falls. But its a bit inside from the main path towards the Madhabkunda falls. Thats why you missed this one. Also another reason, during dry season, this falls used to keep dormant. Its only alive during rainy.

If you find its difficult to locate the Porikunda falls, just ask anyone who are working inside the echo park. They will show you the path. You have to walk through the slippy path over the stream of the waterfalls. Also you can't skip to get your dresses are wet. Finally be careful, cause any momment you can get slipped, and get yourself hurt.

From my perspective, this waterfall is more beautiful from the main one, the Madhabkunda falls. I think its for the silent(except drops of water). People don't used to come there(cause they don't know). No chaos from the other tourists(which is availabe near the Madhabkunda falls).

Porikunda falls is much taller, and the amount of water is not that much great, but it used to spead its water over the stones when falling down. And that just gave an outstanding beauty to the waterfalls.

You might have known that you are not allowed to get under the Madhabkunda waterfalls, but you can get under of it. Also, its almost no crowed here. So don't miss you chance to visit the waterfall Porikunda. And once again, remember, its only available during rainy season.

If you want to go there, you have to come at "BoroLekha" of Moulovibazar district. From there you can easily come to the waterfall using directions from road. Most of the people used to visit the place using microbus, or private car. But if you are traveling like me, then take a CNG Auto Rickshaw for 150-170 taka for the lift at Madhabkunda Echo Park.

I have uploaded several videos related with Porikunda Waterfalls. If you are interested to watch some videos please browse the link and search there using "Porikunda Waterfalls". I have embedded a video here, there are another 6 videos available at my youtube account.


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