Moulovibazar: Madhabkunda waterfall during rainy season

Saturday, 24th July 2010

Once again, keeping the promise. Back to the Madhabkunda waterfall once again, and its rainy season. Last time I was there during spring, and it was hardly any water from the fall. My experience during rainy is here

I have started my journey from Sylhet town, and took a bus "Birotihin" from Upashar Bas Terminal. You have to ask for the bus of "Borolekha". For your information, the bus used to leave the terminal at the start of every hour. So make sure you are on time. Also there is no bus from 11 to 3 at afternoon. The bus journey is around 2 hours.

From Borolekha Bazar, you have to take CNG Auto Rickshaw, it will cost around 150-170 taka if you do some bargain. It will take around 45 minutes to reach at the Madhabkunda Echo Park gate. You have to buy a ticket for 10 taka, and then need to walk for 15 minutes to find the sign of the waterfall. There is a watch tower in front of the fall. It will be wise if you get at the top of the tower to enjoy the full beauty of the waterfall.

The amount of water during rainy season is massive. It seems like a bolt from the Norse God Thor is falling at the bottom of the fall. Also if you are lucky, and its raining, then you will find multiple of water streams are dropping from the top of the waterfall.

During the rainy season, you are not allowed to get at the bottom of the fall. First reason is, the force of the water will simple kill you. Second reason is the stones are falling with water sometimes. Police and other security people are always patrolling the waterfall so that you don't make any nonsense.

Also, if you have any wish to get at the top of the Madhabkunda waterfall during rainy, just forget that. Firstly its almost impossible. Secondly police will catch you for breaking rules. So careful my friend.

I have uploaded several videos related with Madhabkunda Waterfall. If you are interested, then browse my profile, and search for "Madhabkunda Waterfall". Here is one of the video I have embedded for you.

So... get your bags ready, and run for the waterfall before the rainy is over. Trust me, the sound of the waterfall is really amazing. You can hear the sound from a long distance.


  1. pic is very nice, would you pls add some hotel or resote info in Borolekha for night hold??

  2. i didn't stay at borolekha. but i am sure there won't be any good accommodation. you have to look for sylhet or moulovibazar.


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