Places of Interest, district Natore

Natore is famous for "Kacha Golla", during my tour I have eaten as much as i could. Also the district has two rajbari, and both of them are mind blowing in terms of the design and architecture. Also the district holds the 1/3 part of the great Chalan Beel. This district has plenty of natural beauties to please your mind either.

Popular locations for visit:

If you are planning to visit the Natore district, you can check the "places of interest", or "must see", or "tourist spot" items from the link Also if you visited any other places from Natore, that is not listed at my link, that case you can add that here as comment.

Where to Stay:

There are few quality hotels at the Natore district. Hotel Millat, Hotel Roxana, and Hotel RP are excellent from them. I have stayed at Hotel RP, and it was an AC room, cost 500 taka per night.

Manager: Mr. Habib
Mobile: 01726-433428
Phone: 0771-62579
Hotel: Hotel RP
Address: Rais Plaza, Dhaka Road, Kanaikhali, Natore

How to reach:

There are several ways to reach at the Natore town. National Travels is the best available bus service for this district. Also you can take on Hanif or Shayamoly bus for the route. Also the Ekota Express, and other north Bengal trains are available for you.

For bus, you can book your ticket from Gabtoli bus terminal, or Kalyanpur bus terminal. It will take around 4-5 hours to reach at the Natore town from dhaka.