Places of Interest, district Faridpur

Under the Dhaka Division of Bangladesh, there are 17 districts available, and Faridpur is one of them. This district is famous for production of Paddy and Jute. You'll find miles after miles of Jute fields, if you visit the town during season(for example rainy). People those are belongs to Faridpur used to say that there is not that much things for visiting from there. But if you have the eye of a traveler, you can find plenty of things to visit.

Faridpur is famous for the Doi(curd) that was made from "Baghat". By any chance, don't miss to taste some Baghat Doi from the town, or from the Baghat itself.

Popular locations for visit

If you are planning to visit the Faridpur district, you can check the "places of interest", or "must see", or "tourist spot" items from the link Also if you visited any other places from Faridpur, that is not listed at my link, that case you can add that here as comment.

Where to Stay:

There are lots of quality hotels from the town. You can take any of those safely. I have stayed at the hotel "Raffles Inn", the best one from the district. Below is the detail contact about the hotel.

Hotel: Raffles Inn
Near the old Bus Stand.
Phone: 0631-61105, 0631-65363
Mobile: 01711-034727

Room fare:
VIP AC: 1100
Deluxe AC: 800
Deluxe Non AC: 500

How to reach:
There are not that much luxury bus journey available for the Faridpur district. You can take any of the bus from [Azmiry Enterprise, Anondo, Surjomukhe] the Gabtoli bus counter. The bus fare is around 140-150 taka per person. From my experience the Azmiry is the best service for this route. But remember, this one will use the launch to cross the Giant river Padma. That means you have to change bus.

If you want to avoid that hassle, then you have the option of "Ananda" Bus service. But this one has 5 seats per row, means 2 at left and 3 at the right side. A bit congested seats. So choice is yours which one you'll pick.