Places of Interest, district Cox'sBazar

Cox'sbazar is the most visited tourist spot from Bangladesh. Winter is the beast season for the tourist to travel there. But no actual bindings to visit the place at other seasons(though i like at other seasons). Cox's bazar is famous for its largest sea beach of the world. Apart from the beach, you can visit other tourist spots from the district.

Places of Interest, district Cox'sbazar

If you are planning to visit the Cox'sbazar district, you can check the "places of interest", or "must see" or "tourist attractions or spots" items from the link'sbazar. Also if you visited any other places from Cox'sbazar, that is not listed at my link, that case you can add that here as a comment.

Where to Stay:

Since this is the most visited tourist place from Bangladesh, you'll find numerous number of quality hotels from the town. But during the season(winter), make sure you have booked your hotels, otherwise it will be hard for you to manage a room.

There are hotels like Seagull, Sea Palace, Sea Crown, Prasad paradise, Kollol, Saimon are few best hotels from the town. But I always like to stay at Hotel "Media International", its cheap(1470 taka per night), and its easy to go to the beach from hotel.

Hotel Media International
Hotel Motel Zone(near laboni beach)
Mobile: 01819519719
Phone: 034162881

How to reach:

This is another longest road journey from dhaka to cox'sbazar. If you want to skip the road journey, then you need to use plane, which is around 5000-7000 taka depending upon plane brand.

If you are using bus, then you have Shohag, and Greenline/Scania are two best available bus services. Also you can use "Saudia S. Alam", "Silk Line", or "Bagdad Express". For these bus services, you'll require 900 taka, and for business class it will require 1200 taka per person.

Also there are few Non-AC bus services available from Dhaka to Cox'sbazar. You can use them too.