Places of Interest, district Bogra

The district town of Bogra is situated beside the Korotoa. The town was upgraded to a district town in 1850. The name of the district has been given after the name of Sultan Nasiruddin Bogra Khan, the second son of Giasuddin Balban, the Sultan of Delhi from 1281 to 1290.

Bogra is famous for the "doi"(curd), specially the "doi" from the sherpur of bogra. If you visit this district, don't miss the opportunity to have some "doi". This district is most developed from the Northern part of the country. This district is well known for the archaeological heritage Mahasthangarh. Also the district has some other places that you can visit if you have time on hand.

Popular locations for visit:

If you are planning to visit the Bogra district, you can check the "places of interest", or "must see", or "tourist spot" items from the link Also if you visited any other places from Bogra, that is not listed at my link, that case you can add that here as comment.

Where to Stay:

Bogra has a 5 star hotel, and its name is "Naz Garden", and also its quite expensive. Also you can stay at the Motel of "Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation", its room fare is around 900-1100 for two person. But I have stayed at the hotel "Red Chillies" and it was a quality hotel from the town. It was a "three beds at two rooms" and both the rooms having Air cooler. It was cost only 1100 per night. The room was neat and clean, and the service of the hotel is excellent. Also they have the breakfast is as compliment.

Hotel: Red Chillies
Address: Sherpur road(near PTI), Bogra
Mobile: 01716-982402
Phone: 051-69777, 051-62277

How to reach:

Bogra has the both train and bus service available for your. You can ride on any train of North Bengal from dhaka. For bus, the Hanif and the Shayamoly is the best available bus service. The bus fair is from 250-300 taka. It will take around 4-5 hours to reach at the town from dhaka city.


  1. The site is nice and helpful.
    Distance Between Dhaka and Bogra is 163.86 kilometers or 101.82 miles.


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