Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Natore: chalan beel museum

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Saturday, 29th May 2010

School building inside Abdul Hamid Complex

Gurudaspur of Natore is a very lovely place, if you like nature and the tranquil environment. Also you'll find a small museum but profound with some antique collections. This Museum is known as Chalan Beel museum, and the founder of the museum is Mr. Abdul Hamid, who was a principal of a college.

School building inside Abdul Hamid Complex

Mr. Abdul Hamid built a complex by his name, and that comprises with multiple academic institutes like school, college, junior school, religious school, mosque, etc. He have done this for the better education of the local people.

School building inside Abdul Hamid Complex

The Chalan Beel museum is located at the village "Khubjupur" of Gurudaspur Thana. If you want to visit the place, you have to reach at "Kachhikata" bus stoppage which is at the Dhaka Natore highway. From the stoppage, you can take any tempo or local bus, or "Nosimon" a local vehicle to reach at "Chachkoir" bazar. From the chachkoir bazar, you have to walk for 5 minutes, and you'll find two bridges over river Atrai branch.

The founder of the Abdul Hamid Complex

After crossing both of the river branches, you can take auto, or van to reach at Khubjipur village. The cost at van will taka 20, and at auto, it will be taka 10. For both case it will take around 15-20 minutes to reach at the Khubjipur village. They will drop you just in front of the Abdul Hamid Complex.

Inside the museum

The museum is close for friday and saturday. So make sure that you are not there during the close days. I was there at Saturday, but I have found a local guy who is close to the caretaker of the museum, so it was easy for me to get inside.

Inside the museum

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