Friday, June 18, 2010

Tobacco Flower(তামাক ফুল) - Nicotiana tabacum

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Bengali Name : তামাক
Common Name : Tobacco.
Botanical Name : Nicotiana tabacum
Family : Solanaceae

I have seen tobacco plant("tamak pata" according to Bengali language) several locations at my country. At Northern part of my country, for example Rangpur, Dinajpur are the major supplier of this.

During my tour at Ramu, Cox'sbazar, I have had a chance to examine the tobacco plant at a field that was farming by tribal people. So far I know, its not allowed to cultivate tobacco at cox'sbazar, except tribal people.

There are different types of tobacco plant at world. The photos those I have captured from my tour are mainly white tobacco, and slight pinkish shade at the edges. You know I hate tobacco and products from it, but the tobacco flower was really lovely to watch. Also the green field of the tobacco plant was enchanting.

If you want to know more about tobacco, then you have wikipedia with you.

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