Cox'sbazar: Inani Beach

Saturday, 15th May 2010

inani, beach, cox'sbazar, coral
Water is stuck between the coral boulders during low tide

Inani Beach is an attractive tourist spot from Cox'sbazar district. The Inani beach is located at the "Ukhia" Thana of Cox'sbazar. If you are staying at the hotels near Laboni Beach, that case you have to use private vehicles to reach the beach.

inani, beach, cox'sbazar, coral
Corals during low tide

During the peak season, some public transportation are available. But during the off season, you have to arrange private vehicles. I always love to hire "Chander Gari" instead of any micro bus, or private car. Cause, at "chander gari", you can stand at behind, and enjoy the whole road. It will take you around 30 minutes or so to reach the beach. The road is comprises with mountain at the east side of the road, and the western side is the sea. You'll love the journey, I can challenge you.

inani, beach, cox'sbazar, coral
Tourist are walking around to enjoy the evening

Enani beach is famous for its crystal clear water at the beach. It can be that less people are coming at the beach, or the water is really different here. The beach has two different beauties, one is during the full/high tide, and another one is at low tide. During high tide, you will not be able to see any Corals at the beach. Everything will be under water. But you'll be able to see the sea snails those are walking at the beach, or you can sea the crabs. It won't be a bad idea to walk through the beach during low tide.

inani, beach, cox'sbazar, coral
A sunset at Inani beach

During the low tide, its hard to see any waves at the beach. But you'll be amazed by the beauty of the bewitching corals from the beach. The corals are deadly. It may seems that those are just like another stone, but believe me, that can tear you skin, or even can do greater damage. So careful. You'll find that the water from the sea stuck between the corals. By the way, with a simple care, you can have a sit at the corals of the beach. Finally, don't forget to enjoy the sunset at the beach. Try to stay until the sun goes down. It will be an exciting experience for you, trust me.