Cox'sBazar: Dulahazara Safari Park

Sunday, 16th May 2010

Entire map of the safari park

Dulhazara safari park is located at Dulhazara union of Cox'sbazar. Its around 1.5 to 2 hours road journey from cox'sbazar. Its a safari park comprises with natural plants and few number of animals(inside zoo). Only the Elephant and the Hippopotamus is are at open places.

An orange colored China-Rose flower

There are two options for you to enjoy the park, one is the transport system of the park itself, and other one is by feet. I have used the first one, but I think walking will be the best enjoyment for the park. Using transport, you have a limited time for each spot, but using walking, no limitation. Also you can take your own vehicles with proper fees, and that will be fine either.

View of the forest from the top of the tower

There are several attractions inside the park. After entering the park, you'll find the orchid collections at right, and a museum at the left side. Both are equally attractive. After that just a while ahead, you'll have a cage of monkey(that i hate), and a cage of python(it was boring). After that you have to use vehicles.

"Sharos"(or Flamingo) bird

Another attraction was the white peacock, and the Indian peacock. Both are equally lovely. For the first time of my life, I have seen a white peacock from the park. Thanks to the park. There are some other birds are available just near the peacock.

White peafowl

After that I have moved towards the elephants, and hippopotamus which are at open place. They are not threatening for the tourist. Anyway I have watched them from the far side, not for the fear, I don't like them anyway. Also there are tigers, lions, and bears inside the zoo for you.

Orchid collection

Finally, you'll have a tower, around 10th floored. If you can get at the top of the tower, you'll enjoy the vast ocean of green plants. Its a lovely view. After climbing several hundreds of stairs, you'll find the scene more bewitching.