Cox'sbazar: Buddhist Temple at Ramu

Sunday, 16th May 2010

Ramu is a nice place, and famous for a Buddhist temple. Its just around 14-20 kilometers apart from the main town of Cox'sbazar. The name of the temple is "Rankut Bonasram Buddho Bihar".

You can reach the spot buy local buses, or any privately hired vehicles. It will take only 30 minutes at max to reach there. The Ramu Mondir was built during 308 BC. The place is quiet and calm. You'll find a temple at the top of a small hill.

There are several statues of the Gautama Buddha inside the temple. Different colors and different shapes. I have found the white one is most impressive from my perspective. Everyday lots of people used to visit the temple for religious purpose. Sometimes few visitors used to enjoy the beauty and natural quietness from here too.

You'll find thousands of people who used to visit the beach and the proximity areas. But I can bet you, it will be only few of them who have visited the temple, and I think they are the lucky one. So don't miss your chance to become one of them. If I get another chance in future, I'll surely visit the temple once again.