Cox's Bazar: Buddhist Monastery at Moheshkhali Island

Friday, 14th May 2010

Moheshkhali island is just few kilometers apart from the Cox's Bazar town. There is no other way except the trawler to reach the island. It will take around 15 to 20 minutes trawler ride to reach the island.

Apart from the Natural beauties from the island, the "Buddhist Monastery"(Buddho Bihar) is another tourist spot/attraction for the island. This monastery is near to the dockyard of the island. The exact location of the monastery is at "Boro Rakhaine Para" at "Gorokghata".

Everyday lots of people used to come at this island to visit the monastery. There are several buildings inside the monastery premises. Also inside the boundary, I have found two pagodas are made from brass(or from bronze). Both of them are similar in structure. Also there are several statue of the Buddha too. One is very large brass statue. The Buddhist people(most from Rakhaine Tribe) used to come at here for their regular prayer.