Sonargaon: Mograpara ShahebBari Jame Mosque

Saturday, 01st May 2010

Narayanganj, Mograpara, ShahebBari, Jame Mosque

This mosque wasn't at my visit list. I was looking for some other mosques around the mograpara union. My rickshaw puller suggested me about this mosque, and I have shown some interest to visit it. This is called "Mograpara ShahebBari Jame Mosque". Just behind a school, i forgot the name of the school. But if you ask any rickshaw about this mosque by the name as I mentioned, they will take you at the place.

Narayanganj, Mograpara, ShahebBari, Jame Mosque

This is only a singled dome mosque. It was built around 1500 AD. Who has built this mosque wasn't found. The dome of the mosque is a bit larger, and red in color. The mosque has been reconstructed several times recently. You'll find a mazar at the proximity of the mosque. Also you'll find the grave of the "Pir" near the mosque.