Sonargaon: Aminpur Moth near Panam City

Saturday, 01st May 2010

Aminpur Moth near Panam City

Aminpur Moth is not that much well known to the tourist who are visiting the Panam City. This is just behind the panam creek(khal). Most of the tourist visit the panam city, and then exhausted, and then return to the home without knowing such a marvelous moth just near the place.

Aminpur Moth near Panam City

Behind the panam city you'll find a cannal, and beside the canal you'll find a field, at the corner of the field you'll find one of the two moths. This one is inactive, or you can say its a ruin of the moth.

Aminpur Moth near Panam City

From the ruin of the moth, you can see the other one at the north side. That one is inside lusty green trees, so you can only see the top of the moth from the far side.

Aminpur Moth near Panam City

There is a path made by foot beside the ruined moth, and using the trail, you can easily reach to the other one, which is active one. I have asked the local people, and they have confirmed that people pray here at morning time. Also near the moth, you'll find a haunted building which is almost covered by the trees. But inside the house, still some people are living.

map Aminpur Moth near Panam City

I have attached a map so that you can easily locate moths from the panam city. I have no idea about the build period of the moths, and who built those.


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