Kushtia: Tomb of Fakir Lalon Shah

Saturday, 8th May 2010

tomb of lalon fakir

It was 11 at the morning. I have just visited the tagore lodge, and then I was moving forward to visit the "Lalon Akhra" where the tomb of the great "Baul", Fakir Lalan is located. The place is called "Cheuria" around 2-3 kilometers from the tagore lodge. You can take a rickshaw, or you can walk the road by feet.

tomb of lalon fakir

Inside the premise of Lalon Akhra, there is a white tomb where the great baul sleeping. The tomb looks like it is made from wax. Also near the tomb area, you'll find several grave which are the contemporary baul of Lalon Shah, and some of them are the student or the followers of the Lalon Shah.

tomb of lalon fakir

There is an academic building at the Akhra premise. This one is using to research about the Lalon Shah. I have meet a guy there who is doing PhD on Lalon. Also there is a museum which comprises of several materials like "Ek tara" and other musical instrument which are used by the famous baul.

tomb of lalon fakir

I have enjoyed the songs at the akhra. Local baul used to perform there every time as their practice and to entertain the visitors. I have recorded 3/4 music from their using my video camera.


  1. please help me to reach there from dhaka. give detail direction and other info.


    1. Dhaka - Kushtia using Bus... Shamoly/SB/etc from Kolyanpur... From Kushtia town you can use Rikshaw to reach to the 'Chheuria'


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