Kushtia: Tagore Lodge

Saturday, 8th May 2010

It was around 8:30 at the morning. After enjoying the sun rising over the river, I have moved towards the Tagore Lodge, the house that was used by the Rabindranath Thakur, the royal poet. This is just few minutes rickshaw travel from the town.

You might confused the rickshaw pullers by using the name Tagore lodge. Also if you ask them about the thakur bari, they will assume the kuthi bari at Shelaidah. So careful about the issue. I'll suggest you to use "thakur bari, beside mohini mills", this will make the task easier for you.

Currently this is just a two stored small building. And each floor contains 3-4 rooms per floor. It was the 149th birth day of our royal poet. Local authority arranged a cultural program at the lodge. Every one is allowed to enjoy the program. Also the authority will welcome you by a small snacks(doi/chira).

If you visit the lodge during the birthday of robi thakur, then you are lucky. Also it won't be bad to visit the lodge. This small neat & clean building is lovely to watch.