Monday, May 31, 2010

Kushtia: Shelaidaho kuthibari

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Saturday, 8th May 2010

kuthi bari kushtia, bangladesh

Finally I'm have reached the kuthi bari at Shilaidah. This is under the Kumarkhali(Sub District of Kushtia). This a nice white building. It will cost you 10 taka to enter the kuthi bari. There is a small museum inside the building.

kuthi bari kushtia, bangladesh

Kushtia was under the Nadia district during British period. Rabindranath Thakur used to visit this place several times to collect the royalty from the peasant of him. He inherited the Zamindari from his family.

kuthi bari kushtia, bangladesh
Garden at kuthibari premise, Kushtia

Inside the museum, you'll find lots of furnitures like chair, Almira, beds, table, etc, which are used by Rabi Thakur. This is a two stored building. At the top of the building, you'll find some boats which are used by the poet for a jaunt at the river Padma. For your kind information, river padma is just few kilometers away from the kuthi bari.

kuthi bari kushtia, bangladesh
Cultural program stage at kuthibari, Kushtia.

In front of the kuthi bari, the authority have arranged a cultural program where the performer from the all over kushtia district are showing their talents. There were no age limits. Sometime you'll find a kid is dancing with a "rabindro sangeet" and another time you'll find a legend is reciting a poem from the rabi thakur. This was marvelous to enjoy the moment.

I have recorded several song from the cultural program using my video camera. Here is few of those.

Song: Utsharito Alo
Performed by Khoksha Sangeet Bidyalay.

Song: Tora Okarone Chanchal
Performed by Khoksha Sangeet Bidyalay.

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