Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kushtia: Chapai Gachhi Beel

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Sunday, 09th May 2010

kushtia, beel, chapai gachhi, haor

Jhaudia is an attractive place for the travelers, and most of them are visiting the spot for the Mosque(built during Mughal Era). But most of the people doesn't know that, this place has another attractive place for nature lovers. This is called "Chapai Gachhi Beel". Local people also call this beel as "Nainda Majhi Para Beel". This is just around 15-20 minutes van or rickshaw rides.

kushtia, beel, chapai gachhi, haor
The black rectangle is marked to show the Beel position

This is not listed at anywhere for the travelers. But this spot catch my eyes when I saw the map of the Kushtia Sadar Upazila. I found an arc shaped area inside the map where 5 river or something like that joined together. So i planned to visit the place to see and know what actually the place is. You can find the map at below image, and I have marked the area with a black rectangle.

This is obviously dry season. Water level is so down that you can almost see the muddy bottom of the Beel. Also due to the dry season, it made the shape of the Beel too narrow. After talking with the local people, I came to know that during rainy season, this Beel look very beautiful, and it used to has a profound amount of flows on the water.

kushtia, beel, chapai gachhi, haor

Most of the villagers near the proximity of the Beel are living on fishing at the Beel. 80% of them are fisherman. Due to the dry season, some people used to work at farms or pulling vans or rickshaws as a part time seasonal job. Local people are very frank and friendly. They have helped me a lot by providing company and information.

kushtia, beel, chapai gachhi, haor

I already knew that it has the meet point for several rivers. So I have asked the fishermen about the rivers. But they don't know the exact names of the rivers. But they told that the Beel is combined from 3 rivers and 2 Canals. One of the river name is "Kali Gang", and the two canal names are "Dakatia Khaal" and "Sagarkhali Khaal". This is what they knows.

kushtia, beel, chapai gachhi, haor

The hospitable local people were keen to convince us to come once again at Winter season. They claim that during the winter, lots of migratory birds used to visit the Beel. They used to call those birds as "Bideshi Hash"(Foreign Duck). They assured us that the colorful birds will make us happy if we come once again at winter. I believe them, cause the Beel was vast, and it can easily draw attention from the migratory birds.

Our Van Puller, his name is Shamim. This boy helped us a lot

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