Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gaab, A fruit from Bangladesh

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Saturday, 01st May 2010

Gaab(or Gab) a funny fruit from my country Bangladesh. I'm from the north part of the country, and my village has this tree profoundly. But the pictures of this article were taken from the Narayanganj.

Gab tree is a medium or small sized tree. It's branches are a bit soft, so only can kids are available to climb the tree, otherwise if will be broken down for the weight. The leafs of the tree are long, and really smooth. Its an evergreen tree. During the spring season, the verdant leafs of the tree looks like coffee or tea color. Believe me, its so adorable that you'll want to eat those beautiful coffee colored leafs of the tree. But unfortunately those are not possible.

gab gachh, gaab tree, bangladesh, fol, fruit
A Gaab Tree with Immature fruit at initial stage.

I have tasted the green gaab. Not the ripe one. In fact I have bought the ripe gaab from market, its red or slightly pinkish in color, but I still don't know how to eat the ripe Gaab. But the green Gaab is really delicious to eat. Just cut down the green fruit with a cutter, and take the immature seeds inside that, and eat those. This is what I know about eating green gaab.

gab gachh, gaab tree, bangladesh, fol, fruit
A gaab tree, but this is kind of odd, I have never seen a gaab tree like this before. Its never a shaped tree this this one.

The green gab has vicious materials inside of it. So you may find its difficult to eat. Also those thick sticky glue type of material will coat your finger with black. So careful about that. At ancient time, people used to make black the bottom of the boat with those green gaab. So this is an useful fruit.

There are lots of talks about the Gaab and Gaab trees. I know two of those. One is "Gaber Hajar", means thousands of gaabs. The reason is, it was really a cheap fruit. People used to sell around a thousands of gabs for only one taka, or even less than that. Thats why people still used to use the phrase(Gaber Hajar) to mean as cheap. Another thing is, people from village used to believe about ghost, and some of those ghost used to live at this tree. So some people used to pass by these tree at night for Ghost.


  1. What is the English name for GAAB.

  2. English name of this fruit is: Indian persimmon
    Botanical Name: Diospyros embryopteris
    Plant Family: Ebenaceae

  3. hey the english name is velvet apple

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