Sylhet: River Kushiara

river kushiara, sylhet

Saturday, 6th March 2010

Sylhet is famous for two predominant rivers, one is Surma, and another one is Kushiara. I had a chance to view the river kushiara. Not planed, it was came in front of me when i was on the way towards madhabkunda falls from sylhet town with my friends.

We had to cross the river using a Feri, so we were waiting for the feri. In the mean time we get down from our car, and started to enjoy the site. It was dry season, and once again the water level of the river was down enough to consider it as a shallow river(actually which is not).

Kushiara Feri Ghat
Kushiara Feri Ghat

I can't remember the exact location of the Feri Ghat, but it may be at Zakirganj upazila or somewhere near at Bianibazar of sylhet. There is a bridge construction going on at 5/6 km away from the feri ghat, but until the completion, its the shortest way to reach madhabkunda falls from sylhet town.

kushiara river feri ghat
Small vehicles are transporting using feri

I was interested to take a shower at the kushiara river, but we planed to jump here when we'll return from madhabkunda. But the pity was, we were tired like hell, and didn't show any courage to take a swim there. Although lots of local people were taking a bath there.

river kushiara, sylhet

The river is cool and calm, almost no tide, and the flow of the river seems gentle for me. The soil from the bank of the river is kind of sandy, and the vicinity plants of the river banks looked greenish to me.