Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sylhet: Keen Bridge & Ali Amzader Ghori

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Saturday, 6th March 2010

It was our first day at Sylhet. When we have returned from the MadhabKunda Falls, it was evening. Sun is down. Also we didn't have any dinner at day. We were hungry, and we took our dinner + lunch before 9:00. Since its night, we had nothing to do at Sylhet town. We went to the bus counter, and reserved our ticket for Sunday night. We all were thinking what to do next.

Then the Keen's bridge came into our mind, and all of us were interested to go at that place. I asked at bus counter about the place, and a guy told me that its only 15 taka riksha bhara from that place. If you ask any rikshawala about Keen Bridge, they won't recognize that place. You have to ask then "pooler mukh" or "Lohar bridge".

The bridge is made during the period of British, and whole body of the bridge was made from iron. Later part of it destroyed during 1971 war with Pakistan. This bridge has repaired several times by the government later on. This bridge is situated over the Surma river. This one is the only way to connect the both bank of the surma. But later there is another bridge developed which is now using to communicate with dhaka.

But this red old fashioned bridge is a nice place to pass your time. One side of the river is well decorated so that people can take a gossip here. Long corridor beside the bank of the surma river. You can have boat riding there at afternoon. As we were night tine, all the boats are rested at the bank, and I found no boatmen available.

There is a sculpture developed at that spot, which is called "Dancing Circle". Made by metal. Since it was at night time, and I don't have any picture of that, except the notice board.

After enjoying the place, still we have another 1 hour left to become 12:00 at night, so we were interested to visit the Ali Amzad's Clock. We didn't know that this is situated at the same location. I was standing in front of the clock, and asked a guy, where is the clock located. That guy pointed the clock with his finger.

Its night, and its hard to find the dials of the clock, also its hard to see the clock either. One fellow said that the dials are taken down, its empty. Bottom of the clock its written that, it was repaired by one of our late/former minister, but you know, i found it requires another phase of repair. Who knows how long it will take?

Dude, sorry for no pictures are uploaded instead of the sign board.

Updated:: I have visited the place once again, and this time I have managed myself to take a photo of the bridge. It was during Sunday, 25th July 2010

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