Moulovibazar: Madhabpur Tea Estate Lake

Sunday, 7th March 2010

After enjoying the Lawachhara rain forest, we had two options as the sun is about to down. One is the 7 Layers tea from sreemangal, and another one is Madhabpur Tea Estate Lake. So we have decided for the lake.

madhabpur, lake, sylhet
View of the lake from the top of the hill

Our micro bus driver didn't want to go that lake, cause he didn't know the place. He said that there is nothing about lake or place for picnic at that particular area. But I was pretty sure, and I forced him to take us at Madhabpur lake. I'm not sure whether its at Moulovibazar district or at Habiganj district. But this lake is 7-10 kilometers west side from the Kamalganj point. Kamalganj point is just 4-5 kilometers apart from the Lawachhara rain forest.

madhabpur, lake, sylhet
View of the lake from West bank

The journey from the rain forest to the lake was pleasant. It is flat land at the both side of the road. The road is a bit narrow, but in good condition. There is a signboard beside the road, but that was hard to see. So I'll suggest you to take help from the local people about the lake. They will show you the direction.

madhabpur, lake, sylhet

The lake is between the small hills, and most of the hills are planted with tea trees. The lake is so wide and its hard to cover the whole lake with your camera. There is always heavy wind from the lake that made the water of the lake looks like a river or calm sea water. We have walked at the footpath that was newly constructed at the west bank of the lake. Also we have went upside the hill, and it will give you almost a panoramic view of the lake. But still you can't cover the whole lake with your cam, its too large.

madhabpur, lake, sylhet
This lake is full of lotus and lilies

The lake is full of lilies at the banks of every side. The color of the lilies is kind of blue. I have never seen such kind of lilies before. I have seen magenta and white colored lilies before, but this one was new for me. Its so beautiful, and the the lily looks like a bit glowing from far. It seems that some one did a photoshop work on the flower for that glowing.

madhabpur, lake, sylhet
Blue colored lilies

I have visited the Boga lake before, and I have had a tour at Sundarban. From first site of the lake, I found that the lake is a mixture of the sundarban's rivers at high tide, and the boga lake. Case the east coast of the lake has some trees which almost looks like the keora trees of sundarban from far side. This is my opinion, it may not match with your view point. But who cares, the lake is itself unique. The water of the lake is so clean and clear that you can not stop yourself from jumping inside the lake.

madhabpur, lake, sylhet

After visiting the lake, we started to change our dress to swim at this lake, and cool our bodies. There is no forbidden about swimming inside the lake. The lake is a government property, but the surrounding hills and other stuffs are control by local tea company, who have taken these as a lease.

From the lake area, there is a tomb or monument, something like that is situated 5 kilometers apart from the lake. As we were running out of time, we could made that. May be better luck for our next trip at madhabpur.