Friday, April 9, 2010

Moulovibazar: Madhabkunda Falls

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Saturday, 6th March 2010

This was our first day at Sylhet tour. We have stayed at Sylhet town for this tour, why we were at sylhet you can know this from here

madhabkunda falls, sylhet

If you want to see a falls, I'll recommend you to visit that at rainy season. Rainy is the best for the maximum beauty of a falls. It will profound with full of water, and you'll love the cascading water falling from the top of the hill. But it was a dry season when I was there. You can ask me why I was there at dry season. Cause I'm a crazy traveler. I love to travel, so I went there. Also I have a plan to visit the all the falls and fountains from bangladesh at rainy season. So it just an warm up for that tour too.

madhabkunda falls, sylhet

There was very little amount of water at the falls. But there was unbelievable number of crowed at that place. It almost appears to me a sort of chaos when I have reach the place. Also there were hundreds of students from several schools for study tour.

madhabkunda falls, sylhet

At the bottom of the falls, the water is almost at bounded place. Cause the flow of the water was poor, so it was hard for it to pass the water from that place. And inside the water hundreds of people are taking bath. That was another reason for making the water rough.

madhabkunda falls, sylhet

After enjoying the falls from the bottom, we have decided to go upside the falls. It was forbidden to go up of the falls. But we've seen lots of people at up side, and that made us interested to go there. The road was to steep, and a bit risky too. It was really hard to going up. I was almost breathing heavily as it was my first journey after 6 months. But somehow we went at the top of the hill after 20 minutes of mountain riding.

madhabkunda falls, sylhet

The top of the falls is really nice. Windy place, and white stones. Since it was dry season, it was a bit less risky. But believe me, it will be a risk like hell if you went to top of the hill at rainy. So careful when you'll be there.

This Madhabkunda falls is inside a Echo Park, and from the gate, you have to buy ticket, So far i remember, it was only 10 or 15 taka for each person. From the gate, you have to walk around 20-30 minutes depending upon your speed. The waking road is nice, and when you'll find lots of people are walking beside you, it will be more cheerful for you.

So enjoy the beauty of the falls, specially at rainy.

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