Friday, April 9, 2010

Moulovibazar: Lawachhara Rain Forest

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During our Sylhet tour, we have visited Lawachara Rain Forest at Sreemangal. Actually this is situated at Kamalganj Thana of Moulovibazar district. We didn't have that much time to research on google for this location. After booking our hotels, and bus tickets, we have found that this place is not at Sylhet district.

lawachara, rain,forest,sreemangal
Entrance of the Rain forest

But, If you had a chance to visit the place, i'll suggest you to book the government banglo to stay. Also there are some cheap hotels at Sreemangal town, you can pass your night there too. Anyway, we stayed at at Sylhet town, and as we have no information.

lawachhara, rainforest, sreemangal
Bamboo forest, and dry leaf trees

At morning, Sunday, 7th March 2010, we had to hire a micro bus to to reach at Lawachhara rain forest and proximity locations. It was around 2700 taka for the micro bus, for whole day. We have reached the rain forest by 11:00 at morning. It was more than two hours boring road journey from Sylhet to Lawachhara.

lawachhara, rain forest, moulovibazar
Some unknown tree

After entering the forest, we have spent several hours for walking through the jungle, and enjoying the bird's song, the beauty of thick trees. This forest has lots of deciduous tress, and as this is dry season, I have found every inch of the forest is covered with the dry leaf of the trees.

lawachhara rain forest, moulovibazar,
Tall tree like pillar

lawachhara rain forest is a semi evergreen forest. According to the authority of the national park, it has around 460 species, and 167 of them are plants, and 246 of them are birds. This forest has Gibbon, Languor and Macaque. Its hard to see these animals at the forest, but you'll always heard the sound of them.

lawachhara rain forest
A deadly spider at rain forest

So friends, my suggestion is, stay at Sreemangal rather than staying at Sylhet town, it will save your time, and you can utilize the time for site seeing. There are several transport to reach at Sreemangal, but those are not that much luxurious. If you want comfort, that case you can use the bus of Sylhet, and just get down at sreemangal instead of reaching at Sylhet. Another option is using train to go to Sreemangal, there has a railway station. So choice is yours.

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  1. This is really a great place to have a visit.