Dhamrai: River Bongshi

Wednesday, 14th February 2010

I went at "Pohela Boishakh" mela at Dhamrai. It was 3:30 when I was at Mela, and the weather was too hot to stay. Thats why there were only few people at Mela area. Also the cultural program of the Mela will start after sun set. So I was just interested to pass the 2 hours time.

I took a rikshaw, and started to expedite the village. A few kilometers west from the Dhamrai Bazar, I found a river beside the road which is called "Bongshi". The pity is, its totally covered by the deadly hyacinths. There no flow at the river, and at your first look, you'll feel like it as a canal.

The color of the water is kind of blackish. I can be due to the hyacinth, or due to the waste dumping from the factories. Whatever the case is, I didn't show any audacity to touch the water. It can't be a fate of a river. The authority should take some steps to keep the rivers(like Bongshi) alive.